Electrolux EMS26415X Built-In Microwave Review

Cooking food has now become not only very stylish but nutritious too. It is all due to the introduction of microwaves into the domestic sector. Though accidentally discovered, this has come a long way into our kitchens. The advantage of cooking in a microwave is that the juices of the food itself are used. This helps in retaining the nutritious value of the food and creates not only delicious food but also healthy ones. The most popular ones are the combination models which include not only the microwave functions but grill and the conventional oven too. Electrolux EMS26415X Built-In Microwave is a model where one can make use of the microwave and have the added advantage of a grill too. This model comes from the house of Electrolux who has been reputed as one of the world leaders in home appliances. Decades of experience in this sector has helped this company to understand the needs of the consumers very well. Their stringent quality control helps them produce high class products that are innovative in functions and stylish in design.

The Basics:

Electrolux EMS26415X 26 Litres Capacity Microwave is a built in one having dimensions of 459 millimetres in height, 594 in width and 437 in height. This snugly fits into the kitchen space provided and creates a picture of space and style. It weighs about 22 kilograms. Furthermore, the exteriors are fully stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating. This helps in easy maintenance and increases the look of the appliance too. The anti- fingerprint coating helps to keep the machine sparkling and neat without smudges that are an eye soar.

The entire unit is a masterpiece in steel and glass looking very chic and modern. This model is also available in Black colour with model number EMS26415K. in It would merge well in any of the modern kitchens to add sparkle and style. The door opens to the side and allows for easy movement of the dishes to and fro. There is a viewing window which enables the user to know the progress of the cooking operation. The internal light provided enables easy visibility too.

The control panel is found in the right hand side of the unit. It has electronic push controls that make the operations straightforward and simple. There is an active display that illustrates the functions animatedly for easy comprehension. It is possible to modify the set programmes anytime without much interruption and waste of time. The LED display screen presents the menu information clearly and effectively.

Power and Programmes:

The microwave has a capacity of 26 litres. This is pretty sufficient for preparing a family sized meal. This further enables one to use large size dishes too. As this model is a combination one, it adds variability and flexibility to the cooking. The power output for the microwave is about 900 watts and for the grill is about 1000 watts. There are 5 different microwave levels that provide different intensities for different types of cooking.

The cooking options that come with this model are defrost, cook and keep warm. The microwave is equipped with 15 automatic programmes. These enable the user to operate the microwave effortlessly. There is no need for one to remember the timings or the power levels each time it is operated especially for food items that is used often. Automatic defrosting by weight is done with the help of this microwave. The biggest benefit with this feature is that the food thaws in the most hygienic manner and the nutritious value is not lost.

Additional Features:

  • It is equipped with quick start function. This enables the user to instantly use the microwave without any pre-settings etc.
  • There is a buzzer that indicates the end of each cooking cycle. This eliminates the need for the user to be hands on.
  • For added safety, child lock is provided. This prevents accidental modification of the programme set.
  • Lower and upper grill racks are provided as accessories along with a turntable.
  • There is no additional kit required for this microwave as it is a fully in-built version. This makes the installation hassle free and easy.
  • 12 months of guarantee is provided on registration of the product after sales and can apply for extended warranty too.

Overall, Electrolux EMS26415X Combination Microwave is a neat and smart one. It is sized adequately and carries the work effectively. And coming from a reputed company one can only expect world class product and efficiency.

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Electrolux EMS26415X Microwave – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Electrolux
Model Name EMS26415X built in
Oven Type Combination – microwave and grill
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 459 x 594 x 437
Colours Stainless steel with anti-finger prints
Construction Built in
Capacity/Cavity size 26 litres
Functions Microwave
Microwave and grill
Auto defrost by weight
Quick start function
Power levels 5
Interiors and exteriors Fully stainless steel
Interior light Yes
Viewing window Yes
LED display Active display
Child lock Yes
Electronic timer Yes
Controls Electronic push controls
Pre-set programmes 15 auto cook programmes
Turntable Yes
User friendly features Child lock
Accessories Lower and upper Grill rack
Guarantee 12 months on parts and labour

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