Sharp R959SLMA Microwave Oven

Contributing to the society in large has been Sharp’s motto all along. This has greatly helped them create products that are of good use and value to the customers. Innovative merchandise along with stylish designs and good quality have helped them effortlessly expand in volume too. Sharp has always been a company that has helped create lifestyles for consumers worldwide. Sharp R959SLMA Microwave is yet another model created by them that deals with 3 aspects of cooking all from a single source. It not only saves space but makes it easier for the user to operate in addition to the cost aspect. The microwave introduced here is ideal to be used as a microwave, oven or a grill. They can be used in different combination too. Smart in appearance they easily find way into one’s kitchen space and add persona. A closer look into the details will throw more light on the interesting aspects of the model.

The Basics:

The R959SLMA Microwave readily merges with the interiors of the modern kitchen with its silver and black colour. It weighs about 23 kilograms. It readily fits into the built in space as it shares a dimension of 550 centimetres in width, 368 in height and 535 in depth. The output power of the microwave in use is 900 watts where as the grill and oven share1400 watts each.

The Design:

The entire appliance spells out neat style. It is an in-built model and appears spic and span with its silver and black finish. The door hinges are in the left and allows easy movement of items to and fro. The door handle is ergonomically designed for ease of use. The see through door is of a great help. It enables the user to know the status of the cooking process.

The Finer Details:

The entire operations is with the help of touch control making it easy to operate and handle Sharp R959SLMA Combination Microwave Oven. The info key displays the information regarding the cooking process in operation, the time taken and the power level used. There is a 90 minute timer that acts as a reminder. This eases the need to be present near the oven for the user offering more leisure time to do other tasks too. The interiors are fully made of stainless steel giving the appliance more durablity and longevity. Moreover, cleaning the interiors of the oven is  uncomplicated and simple.

The Functions:

With a capacity of 40 litres the oven is big  enough to satisfy all the needs of the family handsomely. With the help of this oven one can either use it as a microwave, conventional oven or a grill unit. These functions can be combined to suit the cooking needs too. Food items can be defrosted too with the help of this appliance. There are 8 auto cook, 3 express cook and 3 express defrost programmes. The temperature levels ranges from 40 degree Celsius to 250 degree making it feasible to reheat soups or bake blind the pastries or cook rice. In view with the present scenario, pizza settings is made available in the pre-programmed menu. Pre-heat facility is present in the oven that are essential for certain cooking processes.

The Accessories:

The turntable present in the oven is ceramic in nature and is 36.2 centimetres in diametre. This is wide enough for the use of large dishes and for large amount of food too. The other accessories that come along with the oven are the high and low rack and the square shelf. These greatly aid in the various cooking functions such as grilling, baking or cooking in batches.

The Verdict:

With functional features mentioned above, Sharp R959SLMA Built-In Microwave is sure to find its way into one’s kitchen. It tackles most of the cooking needs of a family with adequate size and good styling. Along with a reliable manufacture to match this model is noteworthy for purchase.

Sharp R959SLMA Microwave  – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Sharp
Model Name R959SLMA Microwave
Oven Type Combination
Dimensions (W x H x D) 550 x 368 x 535 mm
Colours Silver / Black
Construction Built-in
Functions Microwave/ Conventional oven/ Grill
Combination cooking
Temperature levels 40 degree Celsius to 250 degree
Power consumption 900 watts for microwave
1400 watts for grill and conventional oven
Interior light Yes
Viewing window Yes
LED display Yes
Clock No
Electronic timer Yes
Controls Digital  – touch control operations
Pre-set programmes Auto cook / express cook and express defrost
Turntable Ceramic – 36.2 centimetres
Capacity 40 litres
Special features Stainless steel interiors/ large capacity/ combination cooking
Accessories High rack / low rack / square shelf
Guarantee 12 months

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